from Toronto to Alaska and then all the way down to Southamerica…

Dear all,

well . . . finally I started!

After a period of half a year of evaluating, finding the pros and cons, I decided to leave my job for a year and to go for a new, totally different challenge. I will take my bike, a BMW 1200 GS built in 2007, get her in a box and send the package to Toronto/Canada. And then of course follow her to get the delivery hopefully well out of custom clearing and pack all the stuff onto the bike.

Starting May 5, 2015 in Toronto, the first task was to cross Canada  to Vancouver and then go north to Alaska.

In meanwhile it is already mid of may 2016 and I am back at work in Germany. It was an awesome experience and I have made some 33.000 km in America’s….

It was a journey with a lot of experiences and impression, I met a bunch of very helpful and friendly people and saw a lot of impressive landscapes and regions.

I dind’t make it until down to Patagonia, but however enjoyed all the countries where I have been…. and let’s see when and where to the next trip might go….. See you then….